Our most touch sensitive amp yet.

The next evolution of the Bludo Drive is here! Introducing the All New South Saturn Delta! For quite sometime folks have been asking for amps with Built in buffered effects loops, and separate tone controls for the overdrive that don't require opening the amp up to adjust. The South Saturn Delta is the first of several to come in this style, more features, more tones, less gear to carry!

Standard Features:

  • 100/50 watt operation via 4 power tubes(6L6 or EL34)
    All Tube Preamp
    Impedance Selector(4,8,16)
    On board Tube Buffered Effects Loop
    4 Button Foot switch(Mid, PAB, Overdrive, MOS)
    Bludotone/Hermida MOSFET Tube simulator preamp(foot switchable)
    3-Way Bright switch with Overdrive Bypass (clean channel only)
    3-Way Voice switch (Overdrive Channel)
    External Overdrive tone controls (bass, Mid, Treble)
    Variable Speaker Damping via Spread control
    Vented tubes-up design for cooler operation (and it looks cool too!)
  • Starting at $6499