The Loop-a-Lator is a single rack-space All Tube impedance matching device that allows you to use your Bludo-Drive or Hi Plains drifter to it's fullest potential. The Loop-a-Lator takes the signal from the "Preamp out" and changes the impedance to the proper level to drive your rack/pedal effects, and then brings the level from your effects back up to match the "power amp in". The Loop-a-Lator also acts as a secondary master volume, allowing you to find the "sweet spots" in your amplifier controls, and still maintain a reasonable volume.

When used without effects, the Loop-a-Lator works to "smooth" the high end response of your amplifier, as well as giving your sound a perceived 3D effect.


  • Drive level
  • Bright switch
  • Output level
  • Bright switch


  • 1x 12AX7/7025 Hi Mu Twin Triode


Starting at $1199

If you are the original owner of a Bludotone Amplifier,  or are about to become the owner of a brand new Bludotone., you may quality for a $300 discount on the retail price of a Loop-a-Lator!!!

Just our way of saying thanks!

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